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Technical Expertise


  • Soy Protein Production Technology
  • Soymilk Production Technology
  • Soy Drinks Formulation & Fortification
  • Protein & Enzyme Functionality
  • Oilseed Storage, Handling and Crushing
  • Identity Preserved (IP) and Bulk Soybean Supply and Management
  • Oils & Fats Stability and Quality Management
  • Oils & Fats Processing, Hydrogenation, and Interesterification
  • Margarine & Shortening Formulation and Processing Principles
  • Oils & Fats Fortification
  • Chemical and Physicochemical Food Analysis
  • Food Rheology and Particle Size Analysis
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Oilseed, Oil and Protein Processing Project Management

Non-Food & Biodiesel

  • Biodiesel Cost Optimizer : LATEST UPDATE INCLUDES OSI & CFPP
  • The Biodiesel Cost Optimizer is a software tool calculating the Least Cost biodiesel blend of the day matching the Biodiesel Standard of choice.
  • The Biodiesel Cost Optimizer calcualtes Cetane Number (CN), Iodine Value (IV), Combustion Energy and Viscosity, as well as Oxidation Stability (OSI) and Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP
  • Biodiesel Standardization & Technical Functionality
  • Biodiesel Production Technology



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Do's and Don'ts in Soymilk Production

Soymilk Technology
Plant audit and product development support.
Calcium fortification technology

Soy Protein ingredients
Production and functionality development

Marketing and product applications

Biodiesel Cost OptimizerBiodiesel blending
Biodiesel Cost Optimizer software

Biodiesel Cost Optimizer

Protein Dispersibility Index (PDI)

PDI Equipment

Oil Oxidation Stability Management

Oil Oxidation Stability Management

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